18880 SW Martinazzi Ave, Tualatin OR 97062 (503) 692-2000. a municode design. The proposed use complies with other development approval criteria within the applicable zone. A Conditional Use is one that is not allowed outright as it may have adverse impacts on the surrounding area, such as the desired character, appearance, or on the transportation network or other public infrastructure. . Use the information on this page as a resource hub and to familiarize yourself with our services before navigating to Portal. Oregon Court Upholds Vineyard's Conditional Use Permit Despite the "Wine" of Others Tuesday, July 23, 2013 North Carolina produces in excess of 1 million gallons of wine per year, placing it in .

The Approving Authority may grant a request for conditional use approval if the following criteria are met: 1. Public notice will not be issued until your application is judged complete by the Planning Department. General Information: 503-823-4000. 300.08ART - Annual Permit for Temporary Arts and Cultural Events. If you don't already have Acrobat installed on your system, you may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which acts as a "plug-in" for your web browser, for free. The map below shows the areas that are within 1,000 feet of a school where dispensaries are prohibited, the areas where dispensaries are a special permitted use and where a conditional use permit would be required. Location: 710 NW Wall Street Bend, OR 97703. Albany, Oregon 97321 Phone 541-967-3816, Fax 541-926-2060 www.co.linn.or.us CONDITIONAL. 247-20-000214-CU Page 2 of 17 II. . 2. 24-hour Inspection Request Hotline: (888) 299-2821. Plan Map/Text Amendment: Partition Final Plan: Zoning Ordinance Map/Text Amendment: Conditional Use Permit (Type II - Staff) Planned Unit Development Preliminary Plan: Geologic Hazards Permit Most of McDonald Forest and the portion of Dunn Forest that is within Benton County are zoned for Forest Conservation. Column 1. CONDITIONAL USE PERMITS (CUP) 2021-22 Fees - $3012 What is a Conditional Use? Public Hearing Review: . Application: Conditional Use Permit (CU 4-17) The McMinnville Montessori School (MMS) is requesting approval of a conditional use permit to allow for the expansion of the existing MMS campus. This land use application, resulting from city code requirements, is necessary to allow the university to address future land use needs and opportunities. Building: (541) 774-6927 Planning: (541) 774-6907 Code Enforcement: (541) 774-6906 The Winery is zoned for "exclusive farm use". (We) hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Oregon that the information in this application and its attachments is true, complete, and . Conditional Use Permits require the submittal of a Land Use Application Form with the information required per the Conditional Use Permit Checklist. Applications; Land Use Fees; City Plans & Ordinances. Urban Growth Area Dwelling Conditional Use Permit PDF DOC. together with applicant's status In granting a conditional use permit, the Board may impose any conditions or safeguards necessary to ensure conformity to the Whitman County zoning ordinance and to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. 333 Broadalbin Street SW, PO Box 490, Albany, Oregon 97321-0144 | BUILDING 541-917-7553 | PLANNING 541-917-7550 Conditional Use Checklist & Review Criteria . The county is home to Hells Canyon National Recreation . Planning Fees Document Please contact the Planner on Duty with application questions at (541) 682-3577, or visit the Land Management Office at the Lane County Customer Service Center, 3050 N . Many of the following steps can be bypassed for simpler projects involving fences, signs and residential reviews. 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204. . The . Conditional Use Permit. If the applicant and/or property owner is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), please also . Conditional Use Permits, or CUPs for short, are permits that require discretionary approval from the city. o Location, . . (503) 588-5038 Email: Planning@co.marion.or.us . When the site is more than 100-feet from the arterial street but within the appropriate zone a conditional use permit is necessary. 500 SW Dorion Avenue Pendleton, OR 97801 (541) 966-0203. Linn County Oregon 300 SW 4TH AVE PO BOX 100 Albany, OR 97321. Easily fill out PDF blank, edit, and sign them. About; History; Parks & Recreation; Emergency Preparedness; E-NOTIFICATIONS Under Oregon law, information you provide to . 300.08P - Public/Special Events Permit Codes. If the application requires a public hearing, staff will prepare a staff report and a copy is mailed to the applicant at least 7 days prior to the hearing. 300.08APP - Application for Public/Special Events. The most typical Land Use Planning process is as follows: An Applicant brings a proposal or idea to the Planning Division. conditional uses must be compatible with other existing and permitted uses in Whitman County.

300.05CC - Conditional Use Permit - Ceremonial Bonfire. Staff discusses the proposal and provides the Applicant with the . Home Occupation Permit (See Conditional Use Permit-Home Occupation) Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) - Planning Compliance Review . The land use, building/yard setback, lot area, lot dimensions, density, lot . Address Request; Appeal Form; . Zoning Code Text Amendment PDF DOC Zoning Map Amendment PDF DOC. The City's address is 140 South Third Street, Central Point, Oregon 97502. The Conditional Use review process provides the opportunity to identify and mitigate for these impacts. Building Department 215 E Gladys Ave Hermiston, OR 97838 541-667-5025 Column 1. .

Fee Schedule. Planning Commission; Planning. Building Permits; Land Use Applications; Short Term Rental Permits; Voter Registration; Committee Vacancies; Obtain. Conditional Use Permit Application Documents are provided in Portable Document Format (.pdf). for variances, conditional use permits, Note: A comprehensive plan policy can only be used as an approval criterion for a zone change or permit if it is worded 500 SW Dorion Avenue Pendleton, OR 97801 (541) 966-0203. Used most frequently for local land use sign off on state and federal applications, however can also be used to ask questions on specific land use topics where a written response from the County is requested. Those conditions are set forth by the jurisdiction that the land falls within. 300.05CC - Conditional Use Permit - Ceremonial Bonfire; 300.10 - Permit Application for Fire Performance Venue; 300.05FA - Fire Art Conditional Use Permit .

300.05SL - Permit Application for Sweat Lodge. Comprehensive Plan; Current Projects; Documents. Homeowners doing their own work or taking a building permit out in their name will need to submit a Property Owner Statement as required by ORS 701.325 (2). The OSU Research Forests applied for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) with the Benton County Planning Commission in July-September, 2017. Land use zoning is used by jurisdictions to indicate uses either "Allowed Outright" or allowed as "Conditional Uses". If you cannot find the specific form for your type of application, please use the General Land Use Application form (found below under Miscellaneous). Petitioner filed the application but asserted that it was not required to obtain a conditional use permit for this use. Specific areas are given zoning designations such as Suburban Residential, Single Family Residential, General Commercial etc.

The Oregon Hotel, Hotel Elberton, McMenamins Oregon Hotel, Built 1905; United Presbyterian, First Presbyterian Church, Built 1897, updated 1909 . 300.05SL - Permit Application for Sweat Lodge. BASIC FINDINGS CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATIONS _____ For all conditional use permit applications, the following minimum information must be submitted for the application to be considered complete: 1. "Single-family dwellings" are a permitted use in the zone. A A A A A The three-year-long process to earn a north campus conditional use permit passed a critical milestone Oct. 31 with formal approval of the university's 30-year permit application. The proponent of proposals shall have the burden proving the justification of the request. Wallowa County is located in the far northeast corner of Oregon, and it's bordered by the states of Washington and Idaho. $840. Evidence of Ownership or Right of Use: A copy of the current deed or written consent from the property owner to make application for a conditional use permit on the property. Conditional Use Permit - Fillable (729 KB) Web Links.

"This CUP will allow the university to meet a wide range of its needs, which is critical to the success of students and faculty," said Michael Harwood, associate vice president for campus planning and facilities . Service Request Form Leak Allowance Request Dwelling - Agricultural : To obtain approval for a dwelling on land zoned primary agriculture or mixed farm/forest. (D) Conditional Use Permits, Mitigation of Impacts. Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon. C. APPLICATION #CU-2022-01 FOR A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT from the City of Bay City. $375 Amend Conditions/Permit - $500 . . REQUEST: The applicant requests a Conditional Use Permit to allow excavation, grading, fill, paving and removal within a mapped flood plain. If any additional information is required someone will contact you. Use Appeal Application Land (State of Oregon) Many times only one application is needed to apply for multiple permits. Hood and the Columbia River. LicenseSuite is the fastest and easiest way to get your Lake County, Oregon conditional use permit. Permit Center Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Closed most major holidays. Last week, the Court of Appeals of Oregon considered the definition of the term "private park" as applied to conditional use permits for weddings and other events on property zoned for exclusive farm use (EFU). City of Ontario - Conditional Use Permit application - 2018 2 10B-05-15 BURDEN, CRITERIA OF PROOF. It is expired; therefore, a new permit is needed. Plot plan, drawn to scale, of the subject property showing: A. all property lines B. all existing and proposed buildings and setbacks from all property lines All appeals must be in written form . 300.08APP - Application for Public/Special Events. Project Purpose and Scope. Hood River County in Oregon was established in 1908 and has a population just over 23,000. Oregon Administrative Rule 660-012, Transportation Planning Rule . This land use is a Type III process with a public hearing before a Hearings Officer. General Information: 503-823-4000. 300.05FA - Fire Art Conditional Use Permit. The University of Oregon began the North . Uses may be incompatible for reason of environmental quality, hazardous traffic situations, large increases in seasonal populations, etc. Conditional use permit examples are: Churches, schools, and small or home-based businesses in residential neighborhoods are all products of the conditional use permit, which allows an exception to the zoning law. Related forms. Nonconforming Use Permit : Variance (Type III - PC) Beach & Dune Area Site Review : Partition Tentative Plan: Variance (Sign) (Type III - PC) Comp. Any person interested in commenting on the Site Plan and Architectural Review and Conditional Use Permit applications may provide written testimony regarding the application up until the close of the meeting on March 2, 2021. .