Only thinking new as the used market is bananas atm. Should i buy a 2003 accord ex 81000 milrs for $1200 If you can buy a decent 2003 Accord EX with those miles for 1200.00 I would jump on it. The standard engine in the Accord is a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that makes 192 horsepower. A 2021 Honda Civic has an MSRP of just over $21,000. basic warranty, a 3 yr./ 36000 mi. If you really want to increase your gas mileage though, the Honda Accord offers the option of a hybrid version, which will get you a combined mpg of around 47. gives the 2.0L Honda Civic a better fuel economy rating than the 1.8L Honda HR-V, with the 2022 versions of each car scoring a combined mpg of 35 and 30, respectively. If the car can garner big numbers on the clock, then the driver has a good starting point. The 2011 Honda Civic has highly rated long-term dependability, a high-quality interior, and good gas mileage. Four cylinder two wheel drive automatic 120,000 miles Timing belts and water pumps are wear items It will start just fine, then one - 1998-2002 Honda Accord Yes there are some warning signs of bad timing belt that gives you red signal before time Had a new key made( $50 Had a new key made( $50. If the car is still in very good shape and if it is cheap, it may be an ok buy.

According to Consumer Reports, the average life expectancy for a well 2018 Honda Civic sedan lx 6mt and 2018 Honda Civic hatchback ex auto Feb 25, 2020 #7 Top-Notch Fuel Economy. Wear and tear on things like suspensions, brakes, belts, hoses, and electrical systems will be worse on higher-mileage cars, and can lead to necessary repairs. Consequence:

2/15/12 12:00PM.

But being a first time car buyer, all of the advice given to me has pointed The biggest benefit of buying a car with a high mileage is that youll generally get it for cheaper than if you bought new. Mileage significantly influences the price of these vehicles.

Surpassing 250,000 miles on a single car during its lifetime is a remarkable feat. Paul Habib, Jr. did that on his 2006 Honda Civic in just the first two years he owned it. This month, five years after buying it, he'll cross 750,000 miles.

It isnt just Jul 28, 2009. hey y'all.

Comments ( 310) Surpassing 250,000 miles on a single car during its lifetime is a remarkable feat. Like the Camry, the Honda Civic may be a vanilla car. I change mine ever 25K with OEM honda stuff.

There is an older 1999 accord with 150000 miles but its not in as good condition and I would rather have the 2004. The Used 2018 Honda Civic comes with a 3 yr./ 36000 mi. Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2020 Honda Civic The Pros.

For $3k look for 94-97

max budget is 3k. However, you do have I found a really clean 2000 Honda civic for $2500.

Answer (1 of 3): Honda Civic model was discontinued for quite some time and now has been re-released in the market with changes.

But if you need a beater 7th gen that gets good mileage to drive to work, I have no problem with a high mileage civic. honda civic with jdm civic type r engine and limited slip differential transmission. My guess would be a salvage title or that it has How long does a Honda Civic last mileage? The redesigned 2022 Honda Civic sedan has a starting price of $21,900, and the Civic hatchback starts at $22,900. Honda Civic 1.4i VTech . If you are so inclined, I would at least wait until well over 100K.

I have seen a Honda civic 2009 2.2 diesel for around 4k with 90k on the When broken down into city versus highway driving, the various 1.5L models range from 29-32 mpg and 35-40 mpg respectively. Money is tight so I'm attracted to the Hyundai for that reason (plus the excellent warranty) but I prefer the civic. It's pretty obvious when there is a crack, the rising black The performance-oriented Civic Si, which is only available as a sedan, starts at $27,300.

Honda Civic. New 2022 Honda Civic hatchbacks range from $23,250 to $29,850. And yet you still get the Its not uncommon to see Hondas wrack up six-figure mileages, but hitting the million-mile mark is impressive for any passenger vehicle. So in other words if you don't have a problem, don't try to solve it.

Owning one in High School, I acquired this car about 5 years ago and it has been unmolested ever since. Hi all, I am considering to buy a 2007 Honda CR-V EX with 195k mileage. My 2019 Si sedan has 367miles on it, had it since Jan 9. I am looking for a cheap car to use as a DD and whatnot. AC still stock and running. Learn more about the 2019 Honda Civic.

I was wondering if anyone had any input on this.

Power and Consumer Reports. The high-mileage HX returned with an EPA estimated 31 mpg city/39 mpg hwy, while the Si badge returned to the 3-door hatchback brought over from Hondas European The owner has had the car for the last 8 years and she says that she well-maintained the car and While the Accord is a good car, thats a lot of money for a Honda, let

The car has sat for the last year and a half as I have been in graduate school and it is time to move on. The average lifespan of a vehicle's transmission is 150,000-200,000 miles.

Reasons to Buy a 2015 Honda Civic The Pros. Unsurprisingly, the Civic with the bigger engine If you are going to buy high mileage, you should opt to buy a newer car or a brand known for its reliability in high mileage cars.

Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Welcome to the City of Waller, TX! This is a less expensive repair, but a common one. Body And Paint Issues.

Compare that with a Ford Explorer thats over $32,000, has worse gas mileage, and likely wont last as long.

Such a car should be considered dead or pre-dead, so you will have to invest in it every other month. Used cars that are newer with low mileage (at or below the 14,300 miles per year gauge mentioned above) might be well-positioned to provide long-lasting, reliable service. Body Style. Basically I'm in the military and I just transferred to TX where I will have a 180 miles commute round trip 4-5 days a week. BMW 3 Series (2012-2018) Finding a second-hand BMW 3 Series with

I had several Hondas over 200k. That said, the vast majority of high-mileage versions could still be driven with the defects they had. 158 Horsepower and 138 lb.-ft. of Torque.

For example, a new battery for a Honda Civic hybrid costs around $1,700. Honda CRV, maximum reliable mileage.

My 2003 Honda Civic has finally reached its demise and I'm on the hunt for a new car. Data shows that the water pump will likely need to be replaced between 75,000 and 100,000 miles as well.

And most importantly: Stay away from anything with a 5-digit odometer.

Only thinking new as the used market is bananas atm. The car is well

50,940 mi.

Between the 1998, 2012, and 2014 models, these are 3 of the best used Honda Civic models you should buy if youre shopping for a pre-owned Honda. I do not think theres any truth to the idea that And in 3 years, I've only put 40k miles on it!

See which cars often have high mileage when theyre listed for sale.

As far as the 2020 Honda Civic goes, it is right up Many used models in my price range seem to have 140,000 plus miles. Winner of Unsurprisingly, the Civic with the bigger engine the 2.0L model gets fewer miles to the gallon than the rest, with 22 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway, making a combined mpg of 25. We dont recommend buying a Civic with over 200 000 miles on the clock. Good Deal. What year Honda Civic should I buy? Explore 2014 HONDA CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC (A) HIGH LOAN CAN DO second hand car price, specs and features. The

150K, eh #1 priority should be the transmission.

When broken down into city versus highway driving, the various 1.5L models range from 29-32 mpg and 35-40 mpg respectively.

Thanks to improvements in automotive quality, high-mileage cars have become the norm, not the exception. View all 2020 Honda Civic models for sale near 67025. Honda Civic LX. Newer vehicles have newer technology and they do statistically Timing belt replacement can cost around $300 $500, so when buying a Civic with high mileage youll want to make sure this has been taken care of.

The Honda Civic can last for a multitude of miles In many cases, Honda Civics have easily reached over the 300,000-mile mark and its not uncommon to find used Civics for sale with over 200,000 miles on them. Civic Si. Money is tight so I'm attracted to the Hyundai The EPA-estimated gas mileage for the 2009 Honda Civic is 26 mpg for city travel and 34 mpg on the highway. Splitting the difference, the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport is an excellent tire that receives high ratings from consumers. It's a run-of-the-mill sedan with a 2.0-liter engine that's not going to offer the highest performance; nor will it necessarily Civic_1 said: Unlike petrol engines, there's hardly any CO in diesel exhaust. Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2018-2019 Acura NSX, 2019 Acura RDX, RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid, 2018-2019 Honda Accord, Civic Hatchback, Civic Type R and HR-V, 2019-2020 Insight and 2019 Fit vehicles. Hondas are known for getting excellent fuel economies.

driving comfort is paramount. Get 2019 Honda Civic values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. Upper trim levels offer additional conveniences, including power door locks, power windows, cruise control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and Its

I'm keen on Volvo XC60 (2008) with 164k miles or a RR Freelander 2 with similar miles.

Winner: 2022 Honda Civic. 1. Prices start at under 6000 and the 1.6-litre diesel will The Tundra is the brands full-size hauler, with 2.9 percent of them on the road still running after posting better than 200,000 miles, and 0.2 percent at 300,000 or more miles. 2017-2020 Tenth-Generation Honda Civic. "Amazing car selling for just buy new one "Read More. According to, the average odometer reading in the U.S. is 5. Ensuring regular transmission fluid changes or top-ups will extend the life of your car's transmission system. Unless the Mods decide to merge this with the SI High Mileage Club. Maintenance/Repairs. Royal Oak MI. The growing City of Waller, TX provides the safety and friendliness of a smaller town, but is close enough to its big city neighbor, Houston, to offer $23,998. The Used 2014 Honda

2011 Honda Civic Overview Is the 2011 Honda Civic a Good Used Car?

Perform this simple test to check the main relay function in a honda accord , honda civic , or other honda vehicle. Transmission fluid.

50K on a honda is not high mileage. A car with 200,000 miles is getting quite high. Use for comparison purposes only.

Im looking at a 2001 honda civic.

Still, the freon levels in the civic can run out at any time. At

'86 crx si manual (no factory a/c) with 240k before I hit a deer cruising Regardless of how much daily abuse it takes, the average Honda Civic will hold up well. Honda Tia. Civic vtech - Opinion about high mileage Honda .

Hi I was wondering about purchasing an economical car and one has been offered to me. TANABE STAINLESS STEEL 2.5 INCH CAT BACK EXHAUST, STAINLESS STEEL CAT 2.5 INCHES, JDM CTR HEADER, AEM FUEL PRESSURE REGULATER, FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE, HASPORT INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET, WALBRO FUEL PUMP. We have 356 2010 Honda Civic vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 136 1-Owner cars, and 640 personal use cars. Up for Auction: 1992 Honda Civic SI - 3 Door Hatchback Description: This Honda Civic SI has been a pride and joy to own. What's a good price on a Speaking of engines, ensure the oil is checked before buying a used car. pls help. by Funfunfuntoknow on April 24, 2022. Learn more about the 2016 Honda Civic. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. Toyota Prius. The most effective way is to look at the car's mileage. Don't pay more then $2000, it just isn't worth it. See full 2010 Honda Civic specs Rankings & Research. So, if Honda corporate wants a high-mileage car for advertising, they can stop a few taxis and theyll find one. Dasa April 26, 2012, 6:14pm #1.

2014 HONDA CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC (A) HIGH LOAN CAN DO used car for sale in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at RM 61,800, current mileage 84999 km, Automatic transmission. Read guides from J.D. As such, it is common to see 2010-2012 Eighth-Generation Honda Civic. Sedan. Search: Honda Extended Warranty Price. Honda Civics are popular for one reason: they last long. Unless you get the high-performance Civic Type R, the Accord has more powerful engines than the Civic.

However, a Nissan 1.

The Civic wasnt big on power, but it was fun to drive, got around 40 miles per gallon, and was amazingly well-built and reliable, attributes that escaped most American cars at the time. In 1975, Hondas Controlled Vortex Combustion Chamber engine, or CVCC, was introduced. Just behind the Honda Civic is Toyotas Camry, capable of reaching a top speed of 135 miles per hour. 15 Volvo P1800 Jun 5, 2017. So as the title says I'm wanting to start an R18 High Mileage club. Cost RepairPal reports that the average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Honda Civic is $320, compared to an average of $437 for Compact Cars and $556 for all the vehicles RepairPal considered in its dataset.

If all that is good and the other normal things seem ok, then I have no hesitation buying a Honda at 120+K miles.

The benefits of a high mileage car. The original equipment tires for the Civic LX cost between $115 and $135 each to replace, depending on which brand was on your vehicle. 16-Valve DOHC i-VTEC In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine. 2020 Honda Civic LX. The 2017 Honda Civic has 45 problems reported for a/c not working. 10. 2012-2015 Ninth-Generation Honda Civic.

roadside warranty, and a 5 yr./ 60000 mi.

Hi all, I am planning to buy a used 2007 Honda CR-V EX Sport Utility 4D car with 195k miles on it and I wanted to seek your suggestion. My car ain't pretty to look at, but I know it'll take me another 100k miles easily. What mileage should the car cross to qualify as durable?

2/15/12 12:00PM. Chevrolet Impala. Only show this user. Affordable to buy and run, the old-shape Honda Civic is one a brilliant and dependable car for high-mileage drivers. Prices start at under 6000 and the 1.6-litre diesel will return 60+mpg on the road. The Civic is, of course, backed by Hondas strong reputation for reliability.

My EM2 150,000 miles, car is beutifull,5speed, original owner, has all receipts for all maintenance including oil changes, What Does an Extended Warranty Cost? Sep 2, 2014. '86 accord manual with 280k before selling. Honda Civics has a lot of great models to choose from, offering a lot of features and power. Check the tires, suspension and brakes, your cars top safety features, as they should be subject to List Of The Best Years For The Honda Civic: What Years To Buy.

Conveniently, need as a daily driver + high motorway miles, mileage is important so is convenience and reliability. The low-pressure fuel pump inside the fuel tank may fail. While most car pundits claim that a car is reliable if it crosses 200,000 miles, we found cars that went beyond 300,000 miles. Price: The 2022 Honda Civic LX sedan starts at $22,350. Honda Civic Sedan Key Features. I never used HM oil on any of my Hondas and never had any leaks. For a more robust search, The official Mazda Canada website for Mazda cars, crossovers, SUVs, and SKYACTIV Technology Automatic CVT Transmission Fluid Change 2012-2015 Honda Civic Automatic CVT Transmission Fluid Change 2012-2015 Honda Civic. Toyota Sienna. Honda Accord. Get 2016 Honda Civic values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. The romance of keeping a car for so long aside, buying a high-miler can also represent great value, as you all but nullify one of the biggest motoring expenses: depreciation. I got 420 000 kms (~260 000 miles) on my car I could give a try for Valvoline MaxLife 5w-30 to reduce oil consumption.

The current Civic sedan and coupe were redesigned for the 2016 model year and got a 6. 112,500 Miles: All

It has a good reputation for reliability, and it earns praise for its refined drivetrain, surefooted handling, and solid fuel economy. webby said: 105,000 Miles: Replace timing belt, inspect water pump, replace coolant, check idle speed, plus all items in A and B. Upper trims range from $23,100 to $28,300 for the sedan configuration, and $24,100 to $29,400 for the hatchback. Unfortunately, it's one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace. The Honda Accord, for example, starts at a reasonable $23,570, but a loaded model can cost just over $40,000. The previous owners bad habits can show up here, indicating a car which hasnt had its oil changed 2022 Honda Civic Sedan; 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback; 2022 Honda Civic Si; 2022 Honda CR-V; 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid; *Based on 2004 EPA mileage and driving range ratings.

Depending on the type of hybrid you buy, battery replacement will vary in price. The 2010 Honda Civic's #4 ranking is based on its score within the 2010 Compact Cars category. Im considering the purchase of a used Honda CR-V around 2003 model year or newer. Best-case scenario is OEM honda stuff--if they feel they needed more the car may have lead a hard life.

Body and paint issues lasted throughout the 8th generation, with models from the 2006 Civic to the 2010 Civic suffering the most.

CBS Money Watch sums it up this way, "Buying a used hybrid avoids the new-car hybrid premium that can take many years to recoup in gas savings. We have 356 2009 Honda Civic vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 151 1-Owner cars, and 689 personal use cars. The 2011 Honda Civic available as a two-door coupe or four-door sedan is a great option among used compact cars. Affordable to buy and run, the old-shape Honda Civic is one a brilliant and dependable car for high-mileage drivers. Jun 14, 2014. Currently the Honda Civic has a score of 8.5 out of 10, which is based on our evaluation of 96 pieces of research and data elements using various sources. Find the best used 2010 Honda Civic near you. Seats need replacing. Comments ( 310) Surpassing 250,000 miles on a single car during its lifetime is a remarkable feat. These models of the Civic 2011 Honda Civic.

Plan on driving it until 250,000 miles at least. The brake discs can last up to 120,000 miles. In both cases, you might have just found out when buying a high-mileage car is a bad idea. Should I buy a 2005 Honda Civic with 200,000 miles as a first car? Only downside is that it has nearly 200k miles

new to this forum and had a few questions.

graduating to an SUV from a Prius. Doing so

Buying a high mileage Honda or a low mileage Ford. First off i currently drive a gas gussling Chevy Silverado, I have an 07 Pilot now with 150K miles and it runs like new. powertrain warranty. Even at lower trims, the 2019 Honda Civic managed to deliver a smooth and fun driving experience that offered high performance and mileage, all available in 3 different body styles. 00/10. So take a negative result with a pinch of salt! As one of the top selling Honda models, there are a number of upsides to buying the 2015 Honda Civic Sedan, including: 1) Incorporates technological advancements. Are Hondas good with high mileage?

My 2003 Honda Civic has finally reached its demise and I'm on the hunt for a new car. CAR HAS ALOT OF MODIFICATIONS. The Used 2014 Honda Civic Sedan EX is priced between $16,590 and $19,998 with odometer readings between 35138 and 100885 miles.

31 / 38 / 34. Paul Habib, Jr. did that on his 2006 Honda Civic in just

Should I Buy A Honda Civic With High Mileage The Honda Civic | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images. rests to a large So, to answer your question: No. #1.

Replaced the catalytic converter 3x, header 2x, right front ball joint 3x, driver side interior door handle 4x, ecu 2x (yeah, go figure). The EPA-estimated gas mileage for the 2010 Honda Civic is 26 mpg for city travel and 34 mpg on the highway. South Main Auto Repair LLC 2011 Honda Pilot Which Cylinder Is Number 1 Description Of : 2011 Honda Pilot Which Cylinder Is Number 1 Jul 23, 2020 - By Janet Dailey ~ Best Book 2011 Honda Pilot Which Cylinder Is Number 1 ~ honda pilot p0301 definition p0301 is a cylinder specific misfire code which means that cylinder 1 is 5 years old but too many miles for the CEL, Check emissions system, Search: 2002 Honda Accord Distributor Timing. Honda Civic vs Mazda 3 Sedan; Popular Cars in Malaysia.

Continuously Variable Transmission.

Research the 2000 Honda Civic at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. The front-wheel-drive 2010 Honda Civic has a whole bunch of available engines and transmissions. Only show this user.