Post your item to us Package your item securely, with the return postage label and barcode label clearly showing. Dry: Relax to the rhythmic sound of a tennis ball tumbling through the dry cycle. Tossing a clean tennis ball (or two) in the dryer provides a gentle "smack" to break up the clumps. Check pillow and bedding seams for durability, and mend any shaky seams. Fluff the jacket every 30 minutes to prevent clumps. For more information on this service please call 888-311-2900. Make sure to always check the manufacturer's care instructions usually found on . Use Tech Wash like before. Replacement tent flies for some models of The North Face tents are available through the Warranty Department. Please. return policy. If you want to wash more than one jacket, do so in separate cycles. Step 2. We offer a mail order service for all over the UK, each item is cleaned and dried and returned to you for 39.00 per item. Trim any loose threads or feathers. 700 Fill Power Down with Down Defender. Brush off your down jacket Before washing your product, brush off any loose mud or dirt and do up any zips or durable waterproof repellent Velcro, and close any flaps. All prices include return postage with insurance. Regular Price $99.00-$119.00 Sale Price $49.50 - $59.50. All of our down is independently certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) by Control Union (License Number: CU 848416). Fabric softeners should not be used as these prevent the durable water repellent .

Submerge the jacket. Post your item to us Package your item securely, with the return postage label and barcode label clearly showing. Wash your puffy jacket on a gentle cycle, or if your washer has a "down" cycle, use that. First Before soaking the down in water, wash the dirty parts such as the neck and cuffs with a sponge or cloth with detergent and wash it with a tap. You can pinch the baffles and very softly manipulate the clumped down to more evenly fill the baffle. Add message Report. Recommended Articles: How to Read Laundry Symbols. Then, zip up the main zipper and all the other zippers on the pockets. . Periodically turn the jacket arms inside out every 20-30 minutes to further . Dry-cleaning down clothes will wash down the surface of the natural grease, so that the feather brittle, broken, loss of fluffy feeling. Please send your items to us and we will return it to you with 10 days. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Women's CirrusLite Down Jacket. Warranty Service: Phone: (800) 622-6953 - press 3 Phone and Chat: 8am-5pm PT Mon-Fri, Closed Sat/Sun . 2. Shake it vigorously and use your fingers to massage the down and remove any clumps. Shop Home's Granger's Green Gray Size OS Other at a discounted price at Poshmark. If you are worried about removing dirt, press and wash it and leave it for about 20 minutes. Ironing Services Local ironing services in London with free delivery . This waterproof jacket also features our 50/50 technology which promotes airflow to minimize moisture build-up and help optimize your body temperature during activity. Important - Do Not Dry Clean. 17/11/2011 19:32. Fast delivery, full service customer support. Stowable into its own pocket, this versatile . Fall 2021 Apparel. This helps fluff up the down. Scottish Mountain Gear offer a specialist cleaning service for down filled products. 5 colors. The DWR has worn down. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as to whether . Wash and dry per the garment care instructions. Washing your jacket will help to maintain the water repellant features of your jacket. The best way to wash a down jacket is by turning it inside-out after all the zippers are up. We recommend that the item of clothing with contact with the skin (Shirts etc.) Do not forget to throw a few tennis balls with a down jacket. Dry the jacket in a tumble dryer on a low heat using dryer or tennis balls. How to care for your GORE-TEX products. Sold by e_newms. .

Fast delivery, full service customer support. STEP 2: RUN A SECOND CYCLE. Can you machine wash a down coat? Step 4 - Tumble dry. Thus less. If you do not have a dryer, iron the dry garment at a low . Wash your waterproofs, at least, every 10 or so wears. Patagonia offers many styles of down jackets, some designed specifically for alpine climbers, others help mitigate the chills and wetness of the daily commute. buy gift cards; promos and coupons; A sustainable reimagining of our best-selling ultralight down jacket Dark Zinc Black Surplus Green Moon Moss +2 Men's Ghost Whisperer/2 Jacket. 1) Hand or machine wash on a gentle 40 cycle with Nikwax Down Wash Direct , NOT DETERGENT. Men's CirrusLite Down Hooded Jacket . With NikiWax down soap, they recommend 100 ml of soap. customer Service. Customer Service 1-888-297-1778 M-F 8:00am-4:30pm(EST) Email; Corporate Office 901 Yamato Road, Suite 250, Boca Raton, FL 33431; Customer Service. Marmot Mens Azos Down Jacket Puffer 700 Fill Power Down MSRP: $270. The Fahrenheit Jacket is a down blend insulation layer that offers a lightweight option for waterfowl hunters. "Wash" the jacket or pants again a 2nd time, but this time, use a liquid DWR product like Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In, instead of your technical cleaner you used with the first wash. Do not dry the garment (s) in between these back-to-back cycles. is washed before being worn for the first time. Whichever system you choose, just make sure you clean and wash your gear throughout the season so it will meet your expectations . . Finally, turn your jacket inside-out, and it's ready to wash! Waterproofs and softshells alike have Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings on them. Once the fat is removed, the down will lose its own heat preservation performance and reduce its service life. Using a toothbrush, clean the stain with a drop of dishwashing detergent and scrub until the stain has disappeared. Once you have found the item you wish to order, select the color and size and click the "ADD TO CART" button below. sign in / register. Unisex Caribou Fleece Jacket - FGX-1 $135.00. Sleeping Bags - We recommend washing the bag with Nikwax Down Wash Direct for down-filled bags or Nikwax Tech Wash for synthetic-filled bags in a large front-loading washing machine . If drying naturally, choose a place that's well ventilated and give your down gear a . Use a down-specific soap or detergent, like Grangers Down Wash Concentrate.

Put your jacket into the dryer on low with three dryer balls or, as an alternative, clean tennis balls. Step 3. - Do not rub or agitate the garment when wet. Fluff the jacket every 30 minutes to prevent clumps. If possible turn the jacket inside out. Dry Cleaning Are Not Suitable For Down Jackets. Generally, most Barbour waterproof breathable outerwear can be machine or hand-washed at 30 degrees. Wipe the detergent tray with a cloth. A rag. Put your jacket in the washer. Quick Shop Select a color: Update . [8] Soaking the jacket before washing helps to remove excess dirt, debris, and soap from the spot cleaning. But use a low heat and check the garment regularly to avoid overheating. If it's available, select the 'extra rinse' option. Allow to dry. Gently squeeze out any excess water. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. track your order. Step 1 - Pre-Treat Your Down Jacket if Necessary. ADVERTISEMENT. If you do choose to machine wash, washing at 85F uses less energy than washing at 105F. If the down's clumped, it might be worthwhile spreading the down out at this point to aid in the drying process. Run a heavy/warm cycle. Dry the jacket on low heat until all the water has evaporated. Helly Hansen recommends: - Machine washing on a 'wool' program with a maximum of 40 degrees or hand wash with a maximum of 40 degrees. Shopping on the Woolrich Online Store is very easy: if you already know what you are interested in, use the category links, which you can find in the main menu of the site. After the garment is dry, give it 20 minutes in the dryer at a low temperature on a delicates cycle to reactivate the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. Therefore, under normal circumstances, down . Don't put any other clothing or items in the dryer. The formula is very gentle and delicately but thoroughly . Estimated Time: 5 minutes. Air-dry the garment or tumble dry it on a warm temperature setting. Peel off the backing on a Tenacious Tape Mini Patch or Gear Patch and apply it over the rip, tear, or hole. Soak and wash down jacket. A little bit of care can go a long ways towards keeping your Feathered Friends products in good shape for years to come. Baby Gap Size 6-12M Girl Denim Jean Jacket Light Wash Button Down Flowers Vtg. Type of laundry service * Laundry Dry cleaning. Below are some best practices for cleaning and storing your down products, ensuring that you get the most enjoyment and longest life out of your garment, sleeping bag, or bedding. A damp, poorly ventilated storage area is .

- To help keep the original shape of the garment, please lay the garment flat when drying. Back. The first step in how to wash a down jacket at home is pre-treating any obvious stains. Only use a front-loading machine, with cold water on a gentle setting. . Start by zipping it up completely, then put it in the washing machine with a mild or specialized cleaner. . Always clean first. A popular filling for winter jackets is down, a layer of fine feathers under the tougher exterior feathers of goose or duck that provides excellent insulation. Please call 1-855-500-8639 for pricing and availability. All Apparel Sweaters & Sweatshirts Knitwear Fleece Footwear & Accessories true. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Women's Bergen Sherpa Fleece Vest - DLV-1W $90.00. Our specialized services include cleaning and replenishing DWR for waterproof jackets and pants, as well as cleaning down garments and sleeping bags to help re-loft and better insulate. For at-home care, we recommend the following products and practices used on our Marmot gear. - Do not use heat to dry your woolen products. Your laundry is delivered dry, cleaned and . Recommended Articles: How to Read Laundry Symbols. Secure all buttons and snaps, zip up any zippers, and turn your garment inside out before washing. Select a delicate wash with a low spin setting.

- Do not rub or agitate the garment when wet. All Baby (0-24 months) Outerwear Accessories Kids (2-7 years) true. Before you put your jacket into the washing machine, inspect it closely for spots or stains.

First, re-wash your jacket to get the down wet again (this can simply be a rinse cycle). Turn your sleeping bag inside out and close all zippers. If you have a front-loading machine, add a maximum of 2 garments and 200ml of TX.Direct. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to repair. - To help keep the original shape of the garment, please lay the garment flat when drying. Cube Light Wash Cropped Jacket. Let the jacket soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Shop Home's Granger's Green Gray Size OS Other at a discounted price at Poshmark. $198.00 Add . We are unable to guarantee stains will be removed from soiled fabrics, If your item is heavily soiled/has been stored incorrectly, or is over 5 years of age we cannot guarantee that the down will be fully restored, We cannot wash waterproof down garments, This service is only available to Rab items. We utilize industrial machines and eco-friendly cleaners to maintain your gear. Hand or machine wash on a gentle 30C cycle with a specialised agent (such as Nikwax Down Wash Direct ) Rinse to make sure there is no soap residue present within the product. Allow at least 3-4 hours for a jacket and 6-8 hours for a sleeping bag. Down Jacket/Parka: To machine wash, first zip up all zippers, attach all Velcro, and turn your garment inside out. The slim-fit Women's Castleview 50/50 Down Jacket is insulated with lofty 800-fill down and features an 89% recycled main fabric. Care should include regularly washing, drying and when necessary, reapplying DWR (Durable water repellent). . [9] Massage the down gently; don't compress the material. The Fahrenheit Jacket has full synthetic insulation from the elbows down to help manage moisture. You can see the selected items by clicking on the icon in . Put the down jacket and one sneaker or tennis shoe in the clothes dryer. For the optimal performance, throw your fleece garment in the washing machine when you wash your GORE-TEX jacket using Grangers Performance Wash, Fibertec Pro . If you find any, use your stain remover or some down wash to pre-treat the problem areas for best results. This is what helps rain form into droplets and roll of your jacket or trousers. How to Wash a Down Coat Step One: Load the Washer Put your down coat right-side out into a front-loading washing machine, which has a gentler motion that's better for cleaning down. Description: For all down clothing/equipment Bottle of wash 3 dryer balls Sticker holding the wash in place has come up a bit (shown). All . Simply rub a few drops of either into the stain and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes before washing. It's OK to tumble dry down gear; in fact, it can help restore the product's fluffy airiness. Please select the item that needs cleaning below for cleaning, pay and send us your item to the address below with details of the product size, brand, colour, model (if known) and your .

Choose a normal wash and spin cycle (unless otherwise noted by the care label), and add detergent like Tide Free & Gentle Liquid. Step 1. The use of a 'non-detergent soap' is recommended for waterproof breathable garments. . To wash a down jacket follow the below steps: Make sure the jacket is empty and it does not have anything in the pocket. [9] Massage the down gently; don't compress the material. Unfortunately down jackets occasionally experience a rip or tear from a sharp object like snowboard edges or gnarly brush. Please also pay attention to the care label inside your jacket, pants or shirt. Men's Oakland Thermal Shell - BXM-1 $100.00. Step 2. The Perfect Puffer Jacket. Choose a normal wash and spin cycle (unless otherwise noted by the care label), and add detergent like Tide Free & Gentle Liquid. Such clothes must not be washed in hot water. Next to our 'down room' we have a specialist laundry where we can wash and dry your down filled sleeping bags, jackets, salopettes and other performance expedition wear. Back. Allow the jacket to air-dry for up to 5 hours. There will be a $7 shipping charge ($15 for Alaska and Hawaii). Scissors. To completely remove the detergent and rid the down jacket of ugly stains, you must at least three times include an additional rinse. . Place the jacket into the water and gently agitate it with your hands. . Here's how to patch your down jacket: Pull feathers back in: If there are any feathers sticking out of the hole, pinch them from the other side and pull them back inside the jacket. Fill a bath tub, wash basin, or sink with warm water. Pre-treat Any Stains How to wash your down jacket starts with pre-treating stains. Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. Back. Dry Cleaning Service Top-of-the-line dry cleaning services in London . The Get In Touch Foundation and the Pink Ribbon with Gerbera Daisy Logo are registered service marks of The Get in Touch Foundation, Inc. and are . Cut the patch: Use your scissors to cut a patch that will cover the hole with about one inch of overlap in every direction. $8.32. Rubbing alcohol. . They are crucial, as they prevent the down inside the jacket from clumping. garment with like-colours. Therefore, under normal circumstances, down . Step #1 - Pre-Treat Your Jacket Before you begin a wash cycle, you'll need to pre-treat your coat using down wash or stain remover to ensure the best results. Use a minimum amount of a mild powder soap or special down soap (available at outdoor stores). Ensure zipping the jacket. All Kids Baby (0-24 months) true. 1. Yes, you can wash a down comforter. Down is excellent for heat retention, but doesn't do well when wet. We strongly recommend to tumble dry your down jacket in the machine. A. Pour 100 ml down specific detergent if possible. Dry-cleaning down clothes will wash down the surface of the natural grease, so that the feather brittle, broken, loss of fluffy feeling. How to handwash a down jacket Close all zippers and hook-and-loop attachments. 2. We clean RAB, North face and all down jackets and sleeping bags by mail order from all over the uk Ring 0114 2686161, 20 years experience . . ReviveX by Gear Aid is a down cleaner that comes with a 4 times concentrated formula and at 12 ounces, it is enough for cleaning up to 24 garments. Then. Machine Wash. Ultralight down proof fabric. Sold by e_newms. 4. Important! Home and Bedding Laundry We clean your larger laundry professionally with innovative cleaning processes. Women's Augusta 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve - QT-1W $60.00. If you don't have a dryer, put it on radiator or in airing cupboard and turn it/shake it regularly til its dry & as the down dries out it will separate and fluff up. . adventure rewards. start a return; shipping. So whenever possible hang up your clothing -down is an exception - to dry instead, preferably outside. We CAN wash our down jackets the lazy way and still get our beloved friends back in their same fluffy condition afterwards. 4. contact us. Choose your wash service Select and purchase the type of wash service you need and we will post a care card (for you to explain to us what you need washed) and a prepaid postage label to you. Special Down Soap: Granger Down Wash, Gear Aid ReviveX Down Wash, or Nikwax Down Wash; Steps. . To increase the chance that long-standing stains will come out in the wash, we recommend pre-treating with stain remover or downwash.