Cooper. Dewey. Proper right here's our prime picks for female Dachshund names: Britta. Pluto (classic Disney character) Pongo (male Dalmatian from . Ace Bandit Banjo Bear Beau Bishop Blade Blue Boomer Brody Buck Buddy Buster . Cute Male Dog Names 2021. These dogs will remain as some of the most loved in the film and TV industry because such names and personalities will be difficult to erase from our minds. Winston. That is the entire itemizing which you will share collectively together with your family members and associates members. Bruno. A good dachshund name can actually enhance his responsiveness and improve communication between you and your dog. Reggie - Lady and the Tramp II. Roxanne - A Goofy Movie. Share. Dachshund Names Inspired by Disney, Movies, and TV. Jun. Name your black hued pooch after the wise panther in The Jungle Book. Einstein - Great Dane from Oliver & Company. Dachshund Names Words That Start With T That Are Positive Names That Mean Angel Theme Names for Corporate Event 3 Syllable Boy Names . Here are some famous old-Hollywood celebrity Dachshunds along with their names: Cole Porter's Dachshund named, "Jezebel". There's something punny going on with these dachshund names, and that's the long and short of it. Roxanne - A Goofy Movie. In this article, we are going to help you pick the best male dog name for your Dachshund puppy. The Dachshund was bred to hunt badgers and other small prey. 6. Gamma - Bulldog from Up. Listed beneath are just some of our favourite Dachshund names for canine. Name: Meaning: Archie: Bold or archer: Arlo: Amelia The Aristocats. Disney Dog Names Inspired by Iconic Characters. Sparky. 10. 6.

Andrina . Zero - Ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Best Names for Female Dachshunds. Charlie. Here's What I've Learned. score: 71 of 300 (24%) required scores: 1, 2, 3, 84, 166 list stats . It is no surprise that a lot of people draw . If you are getting a new dachshund, finding the perfect name can be a bit of a challenge. Check . Awesome Beagle Dog Names. Rating: NR. Dachshunds are great! Tweet. Dachshund Names: Stats. Disney Dachshund Names. Disney Dog Names for Boys C - E. Chien-Po - Along with Ling and Yao are soldiers in the Chinese Army in the movie, "Mulan". Lucy. He's a toy Dachshund with . Meet Liesel, a Miniature Dachshund having enjoyable with morning walks - Image provide. JFK's Dachshund was named, "Dunker". Lulu. Slinky (All Toy Story films) Cinder Ella ( Cinderella) Jorge Flores ( Clifford the Big Red Dog) Danke ( The Ugly Dachshund) Buddy ( The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2 ) Dachshie ( Lady and the Tramp) Rita - Oliver & Company. A unique list of Dachshund names that have been collected from wiener dog owners. Disney Dog Character Names. Female, Male, TOP 10, Famous, Unique, Cute & Funniest. Hamburg - the second largest city and a state of Germany. #4: Scooter: Fast and small vehicle with two wheels and a handle #5. Boudin. Nora. #6. . Bruno. Percy - The long-suffering pug from "Pocahontas.". The names that speak to the dog's appearance include Banger, Bratwurst, and Frankie. Stella. Choosing a name for Dachshund can be difficult process. Adopting a puppy is a lifelong adventure that begins with choosing the perfect puppy name: Harry. Adding Mr, Mrs, Ms, Lady, Lord, Prince or Princess to the front of your Dachshund's name can make it even more fun. Toby. Stitch - Lilo and Stitch. Andrina . Lily. Bella. Most Powerful Dog Names For Your Powerful Pooch. In our dog names generator, either you fill all options or none of them. Luna. If you only want to check the dog name generator male/boy results, then select male gender. They are the most adorable breed in the world. Your lovely little doxie girl will capture everyone's hearts when she comes running to one of these. This post may contain affiliate links. Aladdin Aladdin. We hope that you like the article on dog names. Feb. Mar. Get in touch. The Best Girl Dog Names of 2021 from Tough to Sweet to Unique; Dodger. Get inspired and find best name here! Share. Picasso Dachshund was named, "Lump". Here are Female Dog Names Disney . Dodger - Oliver's friend & leader of Fagin's dog gang in Oliver & Company. Dachshund Names For Male Dog. We know whatever you decide, it will be just right for your pup!

Remember that the dachshund is a vigilant guard, a talented hunter, tireless and clever friend. In case you're wondering what female Dachshund names are, here is a list for you to enjoy. Shadow - Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound. Hercules: Son of Zeus. Francis - A bulldog in Oliver and Company. Here is the list of dog names appearing in Disney movies, whether male or female. 10 Disney Cat Names in the Aristocats . Disney Dog Names for Female and Male Dogs. Little Brother - from Mulan. Heidi. 9. Rose - The Fox and the Hound 2. His identity crisis results in an uproarious series of . A couple of badger names from literature include Brock (from the graphic novel 'Fables'), Digger (from the stories of 'Thornton Burgess'), and Boomer (a character in the children . Top 10 Dachshund Names. The Garrisons are the "proud parents" of three adorable dachshund pups - and one overgrown Great Dane named Brutus, who nevertheless thinks of himself as a dainty dachsie. Lady (Lady and the Tramp) Peg (Lady and the Tramp) Annette, Collette, Danielle (Lady and the Tramp's puppies) Perdita (101 Dalmatians) Penny (101 Dalmatians) Minnie (Mickey Mouse Cartoon Universe) Clarabelle (Mickey Mouse Cartoon Universe) Fifi (Mickey Mouse Cartoon Universe) 6. Your Content Goes Here. From Frankenweenie; Victor Frankenstein's dog. May. Here are the 500 best dachshund names. Zero - Ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Best Disney Dog Names. Gamma. Leipzig - the most populous city in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. Tess. Coco. avg. Hook. Many of these names are distinctive, while others have over 100 dog names on the list. Maleficent. Girl Dachshund Names Bella Daisy . A unique list of best Dachshund names that have been collected! Pascal . To our surprise, popular Dachshund names aren't actually that different from what people name dogs of other breeds. Chico - Spanish name meaning 'boy.'. Rusty - T dog of indeterminate breed from "Home on the Range.". Vanessa (The Little Mermaid) Maid Marian (Robin Hood) Bonnie (Toy Story) Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) Anita (101 Dalmatians) Penny (Bolt) Fifi - Pluto's girlfriend. Meet Bella, a sweet Dachshund sitting down - Image source. Bonnie. 100 Best Disney Dog Names. Akela The Jungle Book. I have categorized them into top 10, best overall, funny, famous, German, cute, and then alphabetically by female and male puppy names. Daisy. Male dachshunds are different from female ones. Dachshund puppies names. Duckworth - Scrooge McDuck's buttler. Oliver's best friend and leader of Fagin's dog gang in Oliver & Company. If you got a Siberian Husky, then you could name it Logan or Wolverine. . Isis. Therefore, you should be fine by serious nicknames: Hamilton; Graph; Gray; Tyso; Theodore; Ike, etc. We've gathered ultimate list of 270+ funny wiener dog names for male and female puppies. Bruno - beautiful name meaning 'armored protector.'. Banger. Zoe. We have truly fallen in love with the wire hair dachshund puppies. Release Date: February 16, 1966. Top 30 female Dachshund names. Chaos = great name for an energetic dog. Akela The Jungle Book. Rose - The Fox and the Hound 2. The dachshund breed was "created" in Germany some six centuries ago. Final Word on Dachshund Dog Names. Stella - the dog in The Princess and the Frog. Share. Facebook; Rita - Oliver & Company. Bagheera. Top 129 Dachshund Names for 2021; I've Been Bringing My Dog to Work for 9 Years. Clopin - The leader of the gypsies in the movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Dixie - Kind Saluki from Fox and the Hound 2. Guys, these are the best and amazing collection of Dachshund dog names for male and female puppies. Winston. Names that are common for humans and Dachshunds include Cody, Ruby, and Cooper. Brunhilde. Chip - The cup character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." Also, in the movie, "Chip 'n Dale" Christopher Robin - The little boy character in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh". Tito - Chihuahua in Oliver and Company. Marlin Brando's Dachshund, "kurze Beine". Famous Dachshund Dog Danke When you think of famous dachshunds, the first thing to come to mind is the movie by Disney, The . . Male Dog Names Irish; Male Dog Names for German Shepherds; . The Best Names For Dachshund. Anastasia Cinderella. Frank, Dodger, Oscar, Mayer, and Vienna are a few of the more common sausage related dog names. Pongo. You could also name your Dachshund, Sausa, a name inspired by the word "sausage". Pin 27. These were the commonly used names for both male and female dogs. Bruno - an old German boy's name which means 'brown', but this is also the name of a 2009 Sacha Baron Cohen movie; Fudge - perfect for a light brown colored wiener puppy; Basil - Basil Brush was the name of a funny red fox on a British children's television show; Bambi - a Disney film about a young, innocent deer; Melody - for a dog whose barks sound like a beautiful melody 10 Disney Names for Tough Dogs (or dogs who think they're tough) Jafar. 4. Zeppelin. Photo by Amy Clemmo. Pluto - Mickey's dog. Liebling - translates to "darling". Naming your little dog is just the start of your journey together! . Rolly - Dog Pals TV series. Dinah - Dachshund & girlfriend of Pluto. Sausage dog puppies are adorable, small and incredibly cute. 16 Sausage-inspired Names for Dachshunds. Arlo; Arthur; Ben; Billy; Bobby; Carlo; Carter; Charlie; Danny; Finn; Bloodhound from The Aristocats; friends with Lafayette the Bassett Hound. Since Dachshunds originate from Germany, the place their title is tailor-made from weiner canine, giving them a German title is an excellent various. Footstool - Beauty and the Beast. Some people like dog names starting with a specific letter, let's select a letter then. Here are the popular name ideas for girls or female Dachshunds: Bella. Dachshunds and Disney seem to go hand in hand. 6. Alcmene Hercules. Charlie - English name meaning 'free man.'. There are hundreds of names for male Dachshunds but only a select few for females. Gaston. Chip: He's one of the adorable chipmunks of Chip and Dale fame. Porkchop - Disney's Doug. Ariel. Carl - English name meaning 'man.'. Toby - The Great Mouse Detective. Buzz. Hermione Like the favorite Harry Potter character, dachshunds are both clever and smart. Lizzo. Arlo. Males are more loving, affectionate, playful, adorable, clownish, and cool-tempered. Every doxie parent wants to find the right name that suits their dachshund's . Bubble. This makes German names quite fitting for these dogs as far as we're concerned. Franky or Frankie - a play on "frank," another word for hot dog, or as in Frankfurt, the German city. For more ideas, use your imagination, have fun, and be sure to check out our other dog name posts. Alcmene Hercules. Consider naming your . Kurt. Gaston: He's the villain from Beauty and the Beast that everyone loves to hate. Heinz. Alice Alice in Wonderland. Bloodhound from The Aristocats; friends with Lafayette the Bassett Hound. But if you've decided Disney dog names might not be for you, after all, we have just the thing. . Pete - Mickey's friend. This name will be perfect for male dogs whose most outstanding characteristics are . Disney Dachshund Names. Buster - Dachshund in Toy Story. DeSoto - Doberman from Oliver & Company. Buster - This name appears in many movies like "Toy Story" and "Lady and the Tramp.". Bear on Disney, Winnie the Pooh. Whether you are looking for four-legged name inspiration or your pooch looks like a particular character, here is a list of famous Disney dogs. Silvy. Charlie Diva Lady Lilly (Lillie) Oliver (Oli, Ollie) Prince Romeo Roxy (Roxie) Sadie Sammy (Sam) Best of the Best. Bernard. Pluto (classic Disney character) Pongo (male Dalmatian from . Hawkeye would be an excellent name for a watchdog. Of course, you can choose whatever name you love the most and that best suits your pup. Bean (Beanie the Weenie!) Boy Names. Just like the girls, boy Dachshund names can come from human names. Alpha - A Doberman Pinscher from "Up," along with the next two in his "squad.". Rosa. Lucy.

Nala. Fun fact: This Disney dog name is also the name of Cinderella's dog! The Ugly Dachshund. By searching through our collection of dog names nationally, we chose these particular dog names. Donald: Yep, the famous duck-but Donald also means great chief. Male Dachshund Names. Dodger. Delgado - German Shepherd from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Roscoe - Oliver & Company. Binky - English name meaning 'field of beans.'. Slinky: Slinky is a side character from the iconic Pixar (now owned by Disney) film series Toy Story. Sparky.

Gus. Bolivar - Donald Duck's St. Bernard. Distinctive File of Dachshund Canine Names. Jean Harlow Dachshund name, "Ross". Male Dachshund Names. Disney names for female dogs. Roxie. Andrew (Mary Poppins) Bruno ( Cinderella ) Bolivar (Donald Duck) Buster (Toy Story) Butch ( The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ) Captain ( 101 Dalmatians ) It goes straights to the point, and on top of that, it represents one of the bravest heroes of Marvel, which despite having no superpowers at all, still comes to save the day. Need a country western 'rootin - tootin' kind of name for your male Dachshund? Chance - From Homeward Bound. Gunther. Ronnie - Friend of Pluto. Lola. . Toggle menu (510) 255-5501 Gift Certificate; Login or Sign Up; 0. Pin 27. Top 129 Dachshund Names for 2021; I've Been Bringing My Dog to Work for 9 Years. Peg-Leg Pete. Toby - The Great Mouse Detective. Micra. Chip. Pluto. Tramp. Christopher: The adorable boy from Winnie the Pooh. George Harrison's Dachshund named, "Ozzy". Best Male Dog Names. Here's What I've Learned. 2,070 views made by The Movie Man. Disney Inspired Male Dachshund Names. Reggie - Lady and the Tramp II. Daphne. Sissy. Amos The Fox and the Hound. Dirk; Kyle; Derick; Baldwin; Dieter; Adler; Paul; Carl; Jason; George; Finn; Duke; . 100 Best Disney Dog Names. 30 German Male Doxie Names. Tweet. Hans. Don't worry, we've not forgotten those adorable little boys! 11. From Frankenweenie; Victor Frankenstein's dog. Frank And Vienna (gotta love a couples name) Frankie. Luna. Tough Male Dog Names Daisy. Angel.

Mother Gothel. Quark. For example, Mr Kipper, Mr Frankfurt, Mrs Strudel, Ms Coco, Lady Grace, Lord Richmond, Prince Archie or Princess Toffee! Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago. Ronnie - Friend of Pluto. Aladdin Aladdin. While finalizing the name, let your imagination run wild so that you can find the perfect name for your sweet little dachshund pup. Beast. Desoto - from Oliver and Company. . Max is the most popular name, having received more likes than any other in this list of Dachshund Names for boy dogs. Best Dachshund Names for Female Dogs and Male Dogs of Dachshund Breed has been provided in this article. This popular Dachshund Dogs Names are collected from the popular, Most Used and Famous names of Dachshund breed. Tank: Heavy, an armored fighting vehicle with guns. Bratwurst. Andouille.

Liesel. Whether the inspiration comes from your favorite movies, pop culture, sports personalities, book characters, or any other walks of life, you will be spoiled for choice. Pedro - a chihuahua in Lady and the Tramp. Alternatively, the name can mean something that is relatively small, even if it's not directly synonymous with a small size. Typically, small dogs are given names that reflect their small size. For a boy, you can find or come up with a lot of beautiful names. This can feel a bit clich-y but that doesn't matter - your dog is unique anyway and you both know it. Here are the top 10 names you might want to choose for your new pooch: Bailey. Share. Litter of five puppies, will be extra small when grown.. 5 Beautiful puppies available 2 females - 1 black and tan, 1 blonde 3 males - 1 black and tan with white flecks, 1 blonde with darker brown mask and markings and 1 blonde and dark brown. If you look at them, you will see that they look like a Hot Dog, and therefore, it makes a fun name for them that will match their appearance perfectly. As of July 2022, Dachshund Names are trending down with new puppy owners. Apr. Beta. Bella. Male Dachshund Names. The Opal is an enlarged precious stone, and therefore, it makes an excellent name for your Dachshund. In order to use the random dog name generator by breed, it's optional to select a dog breed. . You need to understand your dog's behavior, personality, appearance, and characteristics to name a dog. Sausage dogs have a great personality and are full of joy and happiness. The dachshund, also known as the wiener dog, badger dog, sausage dog, is a short-legged, long . Towser - a Bloodhound in the movie 101 Dalmatians. Sporty Dog Names for Sporty Puppies. Alice Alice in Wonderland. Angel - Scamp's Girl Friend in Lady and the Tramp II. Take a look at this list of Country Male Dachshund Names. Arlo. Disney Dog Names for Female and Male Dogs. For many of us, our love of dogs began from watching Disney films, packed to the brim with gorgeous bright-eyed doggos. A German name of origin, Fynn means "white" or "fair" and would suit a cream-colored Dachshund nicely. Oliver's best friend and leader of Fagin's dog gang in Oliver & Company. Hans. Porkchop - Disney's Doug. Check out the following male Dachshund names for one that you can give to your pup. If you are looking for more inspiration to choose Disney inspired dog names, then here is the article where you will get best male and female Disney dog names. Opt for names that contain the vowels, "a", "e" and "i". 4. Roscoe - Oliver & Company. Anastasia Cinderella. Fern. Genre: Classics, Comedy, Family, Live Action. Let's go over some of the best Disney inspired Dachshund names out there right now. Yeller - from Old Yeller. Get inspired and find Dachshund names for your wiener dog here. This post may contain affiliate links. Rolly. When picking a human boy Dachshund name, choose one that you'd feel proud and happy to call out in the dog park every day!

The Best Girl Dog Names of 2021 from Tough to Sweet to Unique; Hercules.

In this article, we are going to help you pick the best male dog name for your Dachshund puppy. If possible, you should choose a name that contains one or two syllables, making it easier for your four-legged to remember its name. Reggie - Lady and the Tramp II. Amelia The Aristocats. Atom. 100 Great Names for Dachshunds | Female dog names, Best dog names, Dog . Tilly. Jasper. Are you fond of Disney movies and want inspiration from a Disney character to name your dachshund dog? Search. Duckworth - Scrooge McDuck's butler. Bowser - Goofy's puppy. Goofy is the name of one of Mickey Mouse's best friends. 10 Disney Cat Names in the Aristocats . Below are some great male-inspired names that would be perfect for your new Dachshund! Chip - great name for your best friend. Can't help falling in love with these stars of the silver screen! Find out more best female dog names. Rolly - Dog Pals TV series.

Klein - German for "little". Top 500 Best Female Dog Names. Best Dog Names. Sprint. Popular German names include Otto, Bruno, and Schnitzel. Amos The Fox and the Hound. Not only have there been several Disney Dachshunds in the past, but this cartoon and animation empire also provides us with plenty of great naming opportunities too. Disney Dachshund Names.